Video Group Consultations

What are Video Group Clinics and why is the NHS supporting their roll out in primary care?


Video group clinics are a way for any of the clinical primary care team (including the network team of social prescribers or pharmacists) to see people with a similar health or social issue for example diabetes, asthma or high blood pressure. Group clinics can offer more time for people to talk about their concerns and learn how best to keep healthy during the COVID-19 outbreak. They can also be used for education/information sessions on health and social issues.

Before COVID-19, many GP practices were using group clinics to support and review people with long-term conditions. COVID-19 has seen most practices rapidly switching to remote consulting, including remote group consulting. It is thought that video group consultations will be able to deliver many of the benefits of face to face group consultations in a safe and convenient way for both patient and clinician. 

The Muswell Hill Practice may offer you the opportunity to participate in a Video Group Clinic.  Please see video for how VGC clinics are run and some of the benefits of this type of consultation.


Click here for the "Patient agreement for group consultations" before joning the group. 


Click here for our FAQ guide with answers for some common questions about the group. 


What am I consenting to in my video group clinic?