Patient agreement for group consultations

Patient agreement

By participating in the video group clinic (VGC) I agree that:


1) I am happy to share information about my condition that relate to the group topic. For example, this might include my average blood sugar readings, peak flow meter readings, my blood pressure or cholesterol levels etc. These will be shared with the group on a “results board” to allow discussion and learning. I will then have a consultation about my concerns observed by other members of the group and in turn will observe others having their own consultations, so that we can all benefit from hearing and understanding common problems and solutions.


2)  I understand that I am under no obligation to share any more personal information with the group unless I choose to do so and that if I have health concerns I don’t want to discuss in a group setting, I may ask to discuss them in a 1:1 consultation.


3) At any time, I can withdraw my consent to participate in a group and book a 1:1 consultation.


4) I will keep all information learnt about group members confidential. This includes agreeing that I will not share or record any information about other group members verbally, on social media such as Facebook, Twitter etc or any other public forum.


If you have any questions about Video Group Clinics, please see our website or ask your facilitator before the session starts.